Devlar offers services for Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids




Our mission is to ensure service reliability to producers at the wellhead to end-market rail facilities and refineries. The services we offer include purchasing and selling crude oil gathered from the wellhead, transporting crude oil via trusted contractors of trucks and trailers, as well as pipeline delivery of crude oil. We gather and transport over 3,000 barrels per day of crude oil produced from large and growing resource basins throughout North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Our crude oil team consists of experts who have long-standing producer relationships and intimate knowledge of rail supply dynamics within our core market areas.

Natural Gas

Devlar buys and sells physical natural gas from the well head all the way down to the burner tip. Devlar also advises both producers and end users on a consulting basis. With emerging new plays, the dynamics of both the physical natural gas market and the physical crude oil market are changing rapidly. Devlar works with producers to evaluate the many different options available to bring their gas and oil to the market. Devlar also works with end users to help them secure the lowest priced fuel source for their consumption.

Devlar's staff will help handle contract negotiations, nominations, scheduling, invoicing, and imbalance management. Their experienced personnel handle the day-to-day task of bringing the gas to market and securing the highest price. Devlar has numerous Asset Management Agreements in place with customers to help them maximize the value of their pipeline assets to their fullest potential.

Natural Gas Liquids

Devlar customers have access to a research package through DEVO Capital Management, a registered commodity trading advisor.